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    Fired SF Google workers to file federal labor complaint
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    Harvard grad student workers go on strike, seeking $25 an hour minimum wage, other demands
    Some gig workers are full employees: Draft principles that fully reflect their value and compensate them fairly
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  • Organizing: Frequently Asked Questions
    Updated On: Jul 22, 2007
    Check out the IATSE National FAQ Website on Organizing

    Many workers in non-union workplaces have contacted us looking for a Union to help them and their families have better lives. Many ask the same basic questions -- we will try to answer them below

    Some Frequently asked questions:

    How organizing works.

    1. Sign representation cards.

    2. We need 30% interest to proceed.

    3. Send letter to Employer informing them we represent their employees.

    4. If Employer refuses the Nation Labor Relations Board will send them notification of elections.

    5. Once elections are held 50% +1 in favor of the Union binds Employer to negotiate a contract.

    If I choose the Union will I loose my job?

    ANSWER: Absolutely not, you cannot be fired, harassed or demoted for choosing the Union to represent you. If an employer improperly discharges, suspends or demotes an employee for union activity, the employee can obtain reinstatement without loss of seniority and with back pay plus 6%.

    Will my Employer know I signed a card?

    ANSWER: Absolutely not. Your decision is confidential between the Union and the National Labor Relations Board unless you choose to tell the Employer of your decision.

    Are there any fees for job referrals with the Union?

    ANSWER: Yes, everyone pays a 4% hiring hall fee. Your 4% hiring hall fee pays for contract negotiations, educational programs, legal fees, job dispatch and day to day business expenses.

    Will current members take my job if we go union?

    ANSWER: Absolutely not! There is a venue based job referral list for each venue.

    How does a venue based referral list keep a current member from taking my job?

    ANSWER: The referral list is based on how much a person has worked at each venue not on union membership. Your job stays your job.

    How would being Union get me paid on time?

    ANSWER: All IATSE Local 122 contracts have a payroll time period built into them. This is typically 2 weeks.

    Will I still get 1099s and have to deal with paying the taxes? What about workers comp?

    ANSWER: This is also covered by the contracts. Every employer must take payroll deductions and carry workers comp on every job. All job relate injuries will be covered by the employer - as is required by law. Employers are required to pay into state and federal unemployment and disability insurance. This will entitle you to the state benefits that related to these payments, including Unemployement Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Family Medical Leave. Also, employers are required to pay taxes on your behalf, helping you keep your annual tax payments at a minimum.

    Who will run my Union if we organize?

    ANSWER: You and your fellow workers run the Union. Since you elect your own Local officers, you run your own Local Union affairs, you make the decisions on your Union contract, you elect your International Union officers and you decide by majority vote the policies of your Local Union. See How a Union Works for more details.

    Will the workers have help with grievances?

    ANSWER: YES. Besides the support that IATSE Local 122 has available, the IATSE National typically has experienced service officers available who will help Local 122 with grievance issues. Not only are you part of a large group of employees in San Diego, but your voice is represented on a nationwide basis.

    Is an employer with a Union more likely to go out of business than an employer without a Union?

    The answer is NO -- Unionized companies are more profitable and get better results
    because of a Union.

    What are the advantages of being in a Union?

    ANSWER: There are many advantages. Here are just a few -- Union members enjoy much higher wages than non-unionized employees, Union members have excellent healthcare benefits (most of which are fully paid the employer), and Union members have excellent retirement plans.

    Will my family benefit from my being in the Union?

    ANSWER: Yes, not only will Union members and their families enjoy higher wages, benefits and job security, but the Union itself usually offers scholarships to children of members, the Union offers better mortgage rates for home loans and a Mastercard with lower rates. The Union also provides its members with insurance plans to benefit the whole family.

    Sounds interesting. How can I get more information without jeopardizing my current job?

    ANSWER: All calls concerning organizing are kept in the strictest confidence. We would do nothing to jeopardize your current job.

    For more information contact IATSE Local 122

  • International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, It's territories and Canada, AFL-CIO, CLC, Local 122 - San Diego

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