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  • The New Entrance Policy at SDCC Explained
    Updated On: Jul 07, 2017

    Here's excerpts from an email that may answer some questions about the new entrance policy at SDCC, and why:

    Greetings Contractor Partners,

    As we discussed at the Contractor Meeting last month, we are currently making our transition towards restricting unnecessary pedestrians traffic at our loading dock vehicle entrances. Effective July 15, 2017, Security will restrict any unnecessary pedestrian traffic through the loading dock vehicle entrances and all persons who need to enter the building will be directed to do so at the Contractor Entrance. The only exceptions will be employees and contractors assigned to work directly around the dock entrances or whose job duties require them to pass through. This includes, but is not limited:

    - Workers located at a freight desk directly inside the dock entrance who will be able to come and go as they need.

    - Ground guides for lifts or equipment entering the docks.

    - People who have business in the immediate area of the dock entrance.

    - Workers rolling equipment, such as ladders, into the building.

    The intent is to prevent using the vehicle entrances as the shortcut for people reporting for work or taking a break. Doing this will greatly reduce the amount of foot traffic through the docks, making it safer and easier for our staff to identify who is entering the facility. In this year alone there have been two instances of equipment colliding with POVs that were dropping off employees for work at the dock entrances, dozens of persons without proper credentials entering through the space during heavy activity, and numerous near misses from pedestrians walking in front of vehicle traffic or equipment. Please understand that this move is for everyone’s safety and is in accordance with our industry best practices and DHS recommendations.

    Now that the majority of workers accessing from the bayside will enter through the Contractor Entrance, we will also regularly staff a Security Representative who will monitor badges as people enter. I want to stress that we are not doing anything other than visually checking for badges as workers enter at this point. While this is a simple step, it sets the foundation for scalability in the future, enabling us to increase or reduce security measures in accordance with events needs or current threat levels. We appreciate you partnership as we continue to make the San Diego Convention Center a safe and enjoyable facility for everyone! If you have any questions or run into any issues, please feel free to contact me directly for assistance.

    Thank you,

    Director, Public Safety & Technology
    San Diego Convention Center

    Please use the correct entrance before it becomes mandatory.

  • International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees, Local 122 - San Diego

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